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Fairy land Adventure Rescue


Oh my God!! The forest has a very Evil Witch that has cast a spell on the magical Fairy Land! Everything is so sad and gloomy, the land animals don’t want to do anything all day. It’s up to the fairies to save the day and fight against the evil witch and her spells!Fairies have awesome magic powers which you can use to save the Fairy Land! You can cast amazing spells and take care of enchanted creatures and animals. Try saving this magical land from evil and save it from the spell of the evil witch!
Design and decorate the land! Clean it up from all the dirt! It’s up to you to decide which animals you can save from the spider webs. Help these cute fairies save the magic land and break the evil spell! Meet so many adorable creatures and make a lot of magic potions to fight of the evil that has spread the land.
Features:- Make powerful potions to fight evil! - Save animals from spider webs - Cast enchanting fairy spells to fight evil and save the land - Rescue the awesome frog from the spider lake - The enchanted castle is on fire, use water to save the building! - Design and decorate the land with beautiful flowers! - Use magic to take the Evil Witch down!